The All-Star Bar

Don Sueños recognizes outstanding bartenders and mixologists who have created amazing cocktails with Don Sueños Tequila

Pablo Madrigal

Pablo is out first inductee and the creator of the Don Sueños Royale, and Romance de Don Sueños. Pablo Madrigal is the owner of Pablos Mexican Cuisine in Fernandina Beach, FL and has a reputation [...]

Nick Hausman

Nick is the creator of the Tropical Storm and Cat 5 cocktails that were used in our Tequila Helps #1 Fundraiser in support of Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts. Nick is a craft bartender at the Ice [...]

Kira Fisher

Kira is an outstanding craft bartender at the Grape and Grain Exchange in Jacksonville, FL. With fall approaching, Kira created the amazing and award winning Don Sueños Especia de Otoño (Spices [...]

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